Better late than never.
Finally, found a lost album in Tesco. Used to have this
cassette long time ago and nowadays we all are the slaves to
the digital, the poorest human being, eventually, I can't find
out where I've kept the cassette.
Can seen the color of the cover it's a bit faded away, can tell is
non-reprinted and inside even come with a outdated promotional
flyer has been featured with lovely boy band 98 degrees and slut like britney. Really like the cover design, nice typo, layout, and really some nonsense copy.
A simple design kinda remind me the work of Kashiwa Sato.
Butter Late Than Never - Butterfingers

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John Hollow said...

Hello Mr Woon ,

how are u? I am Haizad and i am interested to buy this cd , Butter Late Than Never .

Would u sell it to me? Please.

PM me at 019-2607961