Shanghai's Gig

The gig is hot in Shanghai, if you don't find out yourself or knowing some of the local friends, you will definitely keep your minds thinking that Shanghai's night only has the clubs or disco, surely, this is a weird thought for me, I'm not a disco guy(God Hates Techno).

So far about 6 months living in this city, I've been to gigs in Logo Bar, Dream Factory & YuYinTang. Interesting bands that I've seen, PK14, the first band I see in Shanghai. Car Sick Car, the most critical moment at that night, is audience throwing the cigarettes on the stage when Zhong Nan Hai played. Banana Monkeys, is a Shanghai band, the musics are good and the funniest thing are the Vocal looked like Kotaro. Battles, a foreigner band came to Shanghai but the 90% of the audiences here are foreigners. Fucked-up, can't meet them because of raining or too crowded? Hedgehog, like the teens spirit of this band ever.

Otomo Yoshihide(大友良英), Yuen Cheewai(袁志伟) & Yan Jun(颜峻) having an improvisation.

Otomo Yoshihide's night, recently shows, this is my first attendance in noise performance. What I've learned from the show is noise live performs is really need a damn quiet environment to play out every tiny sounds and distinctive instruments like coins dropping on the table also part of the improvisation. The audiences are too busy in talking when the first track was jammed, nearly end of the song, 颜峻 using his mic said within the jamming session: “说吧,继续说,把死的都说成活的。”When the second track is about to start, an anonymous audience shout in chinese, "the foreigner right behind there, keep your fucking mouth shut! " Now, the show really go into the show, listener respect the musician, floor is quiet, stage is noisy.

Quiet definitely is the new loud.

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