Recently Nights

Friday Night
After working, I went to watch Ice Age 3 in a Cinema near by my house. This is my first time to watch 3D effect movie with a cyan-red glasses on my face, kinda weird experience.

Saturday Night
Attended to a gig, These Are Powers' tours in China with 2 guest bands, Carsick Cars and PK14. But wonder why PK14 becomes the last band to perform, seems like they are the main band at that night. My favourite song of the night, Red Train by PK14. After the gig, having supper with members of PK14 and a group of unknown peoples. During a conversation, I just realised that the bassist is ex-drummer of Subs.

Sunday Night
Biking around the street, laying on the green, looking at the sky, thinking of my family, immediately the feeling of miss happened to me. Learning how to love.

With CDs
Party Is Over, Pornostar - Snapline
You Can Listen, You Can Talk - Carsick Cars

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